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CLUB INFORMATION : The 2016 Access Team Series, how it works.
Posted by Doug on 2016/2/20 11:56:46 (187 reads)

The Nowra Velo Club?s 2016 Teams Series will be run over 10 events spread from February to November and has a selection of handicap races on Braidwood Road (MR92), an individual time trial on Braidwood Road, graded scratch races on the Flinders Estate circuit and criteriums on the Albatross Aviation Tech Park circuit.

Riders are graded into A, B, C, C and D grades. Newcomers will usually start in B or C grades to access their grade and then if necessary they will be moved to their suitable grade. They will also be added to a suitable team to keep the team balance as even as possible. (Probably best to race the first race outside the series to get correctly graded).

Teams are sponsored units with five teams of 10 to 12 riders. Each team will have a mix of riders from all grades. Riders gain points for their teams in all events with the first 30 placed riders in handicaps and the first 7 in each grade of the scratch races.
Individual points are allocated in a similar fashion for a separate classification .These points accumulate throughout the 10 races.

Each team will have a selection of traffic controllers and commissiares to cover the necessities of event they are rostered to cover. Other team members are also required as lead and follow vehicles, judges, timekeepers etc.

There is prize money paid to teams from all events and prize money is paid to individual top placings and fastest time in the handicap events.

Each team is rostered to marshal two of the 10 events, which means all team members race 8 and marshal 2 in the 2016 series. All members of Nowra Velo can also race any other event on the programme. The full programme can be viewed on the club website, nowravelo.com . Best results are achieved from frequent racing.

The best individual and team results are achieved from racing all the TC events but most riders will miss one or two due to other personal commitments but we urge all members to be available for marshalling duties. Should a member not be available for a rostered marshal duty is desirable that they organise a suitable replacement for that allocated duty.

The team sponsors for the 2016 series are: Optus Nowra, Bomaderry Vet Hospital/Coffee?liscious, Hanlon Window?s, The Watts Factory/FTP Training and BaiMed Physio. The Team Sponsors will provide each team members with a team race jersey to be used in all the 2016. Access Storage Points series (and anywhere else the team member desires).

The series sponsor for 2016 is.Access Storage.They provide the prizemoney.

Any further information can be obtained from:
Doug Holland, dougholland22@gmail.com 0413 836759 44215597

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CLUB INFORMATION : Marshal List Now Posted
Posted by Jenko on 2016/2/9 17:54:39 (123 reads)

The 2016 Teams and marshal dates have now been posted for the complete road season.
To access the list click on the News tab on the left of the home page under Main Menu then click on the 2016 marshal list.
The individual dates will appear over the course of the year in coming events on the right of the home page

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Posted by Jenko on 2016/2/9 15:52:45 (128 reads)

The 1 team series event set down for the 6th of March this year has clashed with the weekend allocated to the club by CNSW for the traffic controllers course.
This has caused a slight reshuffle of event venues and marshal duty dates because of the number of riders that will be absent from from the teams for the teams event. The controllers course is run over two days and has a practical element that is to be conducted at a club race event on the Sunday.
The teams effected by this change are Bai Med and the Watts Factory
Teams Series 1 will now be run on February 28th on the Main Road 92 Short Course and the duty team for TS 1 is the Watts Factory
Bai Med were down to marshal the Feb 28 event, they have now got the duty on the weekend of March 6th, this event is a Flinders crit weekend

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CLUB INFORMATION : Club Clothing Portal Open
Posted by Jenko on 2016/2/8 17:59:40 (147 reads)

The champion systems portal has been opened for those wishing to purchase club clothing.
The nowra clothing site can be accessed by clicking on the link below
The portal is open till the 28th of Feb then the orders are prossesed and delivery should be within four weeksof closing the portal.


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CLUB INFORMATION : 2016 proposed race program
Posted by Doug on 2016/1/3 11:13:40 (313 reads)

The 2016 proposed race program has been posted on this web page. Click on the News drop banner on the left side, the first item is the 2016 program. We are still waiting on Police approval and there may be some minor changes. Please note there will be no Southern Division Championships held in 2016. Interclub dates are still being sought and will be advised in due course.
The club's marshal team roster will be published with the next couple of weeks. The Race committee responsible for looking after this program is Dave Gray, Aaron Coghlan and Gary Bryce.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Club Championships 2015
Posted by Doug on 2015/11/12 9:20:01 (209 reads)

2015 Club Championships.
With regards to the 2015 Club Championships we advise that the final presentation of the overall club champions in each grade along with the medals for all of the 2015 club championships will be made at a presentation following the club?s criterium championships that will be decided on November 29th at the Albatross Aviation Tech Park.
An update on the championships already held and the progress positions will made at the Presentation Dinner tomorrow evening.
Damian Mason and Mark Fenner have made The Watts Factory available to hold this presentation which will be held on November 29th and as soon as the races are completed, race gear packed up and we have travelled from the Tech Park into town.
It is anticipated a barbeque will be held with the presentation. More information on this part of the function will be advised.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Summer race start times
Posted by Doug on 2015/10/25 15:07:50 (182 reads)

Everybody please note that from November 1st, Nowra Velo events start at 8 am through the Summer period.

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Posted by Doug on 2015/10/9 14:46:49 (147 reads)

Steve Daley has been returned to the Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital from Wollongong where he was admitted following an accident last Saturday (3rd October) and is recovering and giving lip again. He is expected to be released soon to return home to his family.

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CLUB INFORMATION : New information re Traffic Controllers from CNSW
Posted by Doug on 2015/9/12 11:40:57 (255 reads)

Dear Presidents & Secretaries,
There are several events and issues which have occurred to in recent rnonths which are important share with all clubs' I would appreciate you taking the time to read through these items and sharing them with your wider club executive.
1.. CHANGES TO TRAFFIC CONTROL CERTIFICATION - GREY CARDS As has been flagged previously, RMs has been undertaking a review of their entire traffic management certification process. This is an issue across RMiand not a .,cycling
However' as road racing is conducted for issue,, as such. the most part in a live traffic environment, these changes will have an impact on clubs and on the conduct of our road events at all levels.
The following points summarise the "state of pray,, and actions required by crubs
a, Current Grey Card
The current Grey card training and qualification will be phased out. This will be replaced by a new qualification (Name TBA). All current Grey card holders will have their certification honoured untii its expiry date {as noted on the card). Beyond this date' the holder will be required to undertake training for the new credential.
b. Extension for existing Grey Cards
Training for the new card/credential has not yet commenced, ie there are no training providers yet set-up to offer the training. CNSW r,rn n"gotirted with RMS for any Grey card holders whose card has expired in the past 6 ,;;; or is set to expire in the next 6 months, to be issued an extension. Beyond the extension the card and the holders qualification will be expired and they will not be qualified to undertake traffic duties previous allowed under the Grey Card.
c. What the New Credential Allows the holder to do
The new card wiil ailow the horder to manage traffic with a stop/go bat ,,roily pop sign,, as was the case with the Grey card. cN.sw has been tora inrt this is yet to be confined in writing)' the new credential will allow the holder to charge traffic conditions as identified in the TCP ian activity previously restricted to a higher credentiar). This would mean activities like changing sp.eed zones, erecting road closure barricades etc. r would reiterate _ this is yet to be confirmed.
d. Training for the New Credentiat
Training requirements for the new credential will now take 2 days. This is an increase
from the previous grey card course, however is offset by changes to the recertification
at expiry (see next point).
Duration of Licence
Under the new system the holder will be required to maintain a log book, and should
sufficient hours in stipulated activities be undertaken by the holder, it is the intention
they will not be required to undertake the course again (under the old system the
holder had to re-do the course every 3 years). Details of the log book requirements are
yet to be advised. A small written requirement may also be required at recertification.
Availability of Courses
CNSW is working with RMS to schedule courses specifically for cycling clubs. There will
be a cost involved and CNSW are working with RMS to secure funding to reduce the
costofthecoursetotheclub/individual. ltisplannedtorolloutcoursestometroand
regional areas within the coming months
Actions required by Clubs
In order to understand where courses are most needed and likely to be attended,
CNSW urgently requires information from clubs about your traffic controller situation.
We need to understand how many volunteer controllers you have and when their
current Grey Card expires (Please see form at back of this memo). We would also be
keen to understand how many currently unregistered volunteers you have who may be
interested in completing the course
h, Database of Traffic Controllers
CNSW currently doesn't have any understanding of the volunteer workforce who is
qualified for traffic control duties. Under the new program we will be looking to
compile and maintain a database of qualified people with their credential expiry dates
similar to how we rnanage coaching and commissaries qualifications. rhis wiil allow us
to be more proactive and targeted in managing this vital human resource for the sport.
In all there are both upsides and downsides with the new system. What the opportunity is
however is for the sport and clubs is to use the upcoming training schedule as a focal point to
upskill your volunteer workforce to ensure on-going self-sustainability of traffic management
within the club environment. when we have complied the information from clubs we will be
able to advise in greater detail to clubs the course locations, potential dates, costs and what
subsidies we have been able to secure for the training.
Please return the attached form to cNSw by wednesd ay 23,d september to:
nsw. cvcling@cvcli Iq.ore.a u

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CLUB INFORMATION : Nowra Interclub Grades
Posted by Doug on 2015/7/2 10:27:25 (274 reads)

D Grade 9.00 am
30 min +2 laps
70 Bensley Wayne - GCC
7t Berry Chris - GCC
72 Brooker Kylie - GCC
73 Cady Brian - GCC
74 Emmerton lan - GCC
75 Jackson Peter- GCC
76 Shipley Vicki - tCC
77 Stuber Dirk - tCC
78 Gleeson Michael- MCC
79 Larsen Frank - MCC
80 Leechburch-Auwers Glenn
81 Reinhold Ron - MCC
82 Hubert Driehus - NVC
83 Daley Steve - NVC
84 Hulm Zac - SHCC
85 McCulloch, Grahame SHCC

C Grade 9.35 am
40 Apps Glenn - GCC
41. Emmerton Jacob - GCC
42 Hogan lsacc - GCC
43 Moller Grant - GCC
44 Erven Wally - ICC
45 Hogan Jason - ICC
46 Kelly Dean - tCC
47 Palermo Lou - ICC
48 Soto Frank - ICC
49 Thornton James - tCC
50 McAuley Jordan - MCC
51 Scott Greg - MCC
52 Talbot Josie - MCC
53 Devlin Tim - NVC
54 Gendek Steve - NVC
55 Jones Phil- NVC
56 Nancekivell paul- NVC
57 Pickard Rob - NVC
58 Rice Phil- NVC
59 Bird Daryl- SHCC
60. Burrows Andrew.
61. Jackson Andrew.
62. Webb Lee.

B Grade 10.15 am
20 Goodspeed Bruce - ECC '
21 Emmerton Callum - GCC
22 Lambert Adam - GCC
23 GrayJeff- lCC
24 Mares Clinton - ICC
25 Mewburn David - MCC
26 Playford Sam - MCC
27 Reece Ben - MCC
28 Vermeulan Andrew - MCC
29 Astley Mark - NVC
30 Coglan Aaron - NVC
31 Colligan Jade - NVC
32 Green Godfrey - NVC
33 Kielly lan - NVC
34 LauderAaron - NVC
35 Nethery Gavin - NVC
36 Bance Shaun - SHCC
37 Egan Tim - SHCC
38 Gould Allan - SHCC

A Grade 11.10 am
1 Brooker RickY - GCC
2 Cartwright AndY - GCC
3' CoveneYJarod-GCC
4 Kiss Adam - GCC
5 ToParis Con - GCC
6 Child Rod - ICC
7 Latham Jake - ICC
8 Latham Rod - ICC
9 Martin Brad - ICC
10 Meers Luke - ICC '
11 Clarke RhYs - MCC
12 Kourembes JimmY - MCC
13 Talbot Brodie - MCC
14 Cunningham Mitch - NVC
15 Bance BarrY- SHCC
16 Krebs Michael- SHCC .
t7 Orchard TobY - SHCC
18 Vollebregt Richard - SHCC
19 White WaYne - SHCC

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