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CLUB INFORMATION : Team Challenge Series 2015 Teams
Posted by Doug on 2014/11/19 8:30:00 (75 reads)


Jake Stuart A TC
Paul Mackie A TC
Godfrey Green A TC
Gavin Nethery B
Ian Kielly B TC
Tim Devlin B Comm
Matt Smith B
Chelsea Oaten C
Geoff Lockhart C TC
Frank Neri C TC
Brendon Miller C TC/Comm
Chris Harrison C
Patrick McSwiney D

Tristan Ward A
Mitch Cunningham A
Matt Wright A TC
Scott Barrett B TC
Stuart Quine B TC
Peter Kastelien B TC
Phil Rice B TC/Comm
Paul Nancekivell C TC
David Gray C TC/Comm
Lawrence Byrne C TC
Jo Chalain D
Brittanee Schinella D

Bomaderry Vet Hospital/Coffeeliscious
Dylan Oaten A
Kevin Poulton A
Jade Colligan B
Michael Crutch B
Dion Carter B
Lawrence Schinella B TC
Andrew Jarman B TC
Darren Pretious B TC
Gary Bryce C TC
Hubert Driehuis C TC
Rob Pickard C TC
Rod Pierce D TC/Comm
Kim Waters D

Michael Troy A
Scott Thompson A TC
Aaron Coghlan A TC
Scott Martin B
Mark Williams B Comm
Mark Emerton B
Jose Pereira B TC
Kon Kinnas C
Michael Thompson C TC/Comm
Brian Corrigan C TC
Bruce Jenkins C TC/Comm
Steve Daley D TC
Graham Johns D

FTP Training/The Watts Factory
Damian Mason A Comm
Levi Johns A
Mark Astley B TC
Aaron Lauder B
Rob Rix B
Phil Jones B TC
Greg Molony B
Andrew Lowe B TC
Henry Wakeford B TC/Comm
Matt Clark C TC/Comm
Mel Kilby C
Kate Darke D TC
John Cullity D TC

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CLUB INFORMATION : General meeting minutes
Posted by Doug on 2014/11/16 20:46:10 (67 reads)

A general meeting of the Nowra Velo Club Inc was held at the RFS buildings on Albatross Road at 7.30 pm on 13th November, 2014.

Members present were: Aaron Coghlan, Phil Rice, Matt Clark, Phill Jones, Paul Nancekivell, Streve Daley, Damian Mason, Greg Molony,
Scott Thompson, Michael Thompson, Doug Holland, Melanie Kilby,
Brendon Miller, David Gray, Gary Bryce, Frank Neri.

Apologies were received from Henry Wakeford, Andrew Lowe, Bruce Jenkins and Ingrid Holland.

The purpose of this general meeting was to advise on the 2015 applications to Police, Shoalhaven City Council and Cycling NSW,
road courses and traffic control plans and official requirements and to discuss and decide on the 2015 race program and the 2015 team challenge series.

With regards the 2015 Team Challenge series, Damian Mason moved that all active gold licence members of the Nowra Velo Club Inc be included in a team for this series. Motion seconded by Melanie Kilby and carried.

Phil Rice moved that all Nowra Velo Club events in the 2015 program have an entry fee of $10 with the exception of any junior student member having a $5 entry fee to all events. Motion seconded by Paul Nancekivell and carried.

Damian Mason moved that the prizemoney schedule for all Team Challenge events in 2015 remain as allocated in the 2014 Team Challenge series. Trophy/Memorial race days and selected criteriums to carry prizemoney as allocated from 50% of entry fees taken on the day. Seconded by Phil Rice and Carried.

Phil Jones moved that the club advise the Southern Region Interclub series organisers that the Nowra Velo Club will hold the Nowra Interclub as criterium events on the Albatross Aviation Technology Park circuit on
an approved date in July or August 2015. Seconded by Paul Nancekivell and carried.

Damian Mason and Melanie Kilby reported on a junior development and training program being operated by these coaches at the Tech Park as an official club program, endorsed by the club committee and members.

The Club president, Michael Thompson thanked Damian and Mel for their input with this program on behalf of all the members of the Nowra Velo Club.

With no further business, the meeting closed at 9.10 pm

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CLUB INFORMATION : Club Championship Grades B and D
Posted by Doug on 2014/9/9 10:00:00 (202 reads)

Division 2 (B Grade)
Scott Barrett
Dion Carter
Damian Mason
Rob Rix
Michael Crutch
Andrew Lowe
Mark Williams
Henry Wakeford
Phil Jones
Peter Kastelien
Ian Kielly
Stuart Quine
Phil Rice
Tim Devlin
Matt Smith
Mark Astley
Lawrence Schinella
Aaron Lauder
Greg Molony
Mark Emerton
Darren Pretious
Gavin Nethery
Jade Colligan
Nick Johns
Kane Barrett

Division 4 (D Grade)
Lawrence Byrne
Ingrid Holland
Greg Showell
Kate Darke
John Cullity
Jo Chalain
Graham Johns
Kim Waters
Paul Harvey
Rodney Pierce
Steve Daley
Patrick McSwiney
Theresa McLachlan
Britanee Schinella

Riders from A and C grades must be in attendance to marshall this event. In return the B and D riders will marshall the A and C grade championships in October.

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Posted by Doug on 2014/4/19 10:45:27 (185 reads)

Following the club's AGM last Tuesday evening the committee and office bearers for the next 12 months are:
President, Michael Thompson
Vice President, Brendon Miller
Secretary, Doug Holland
Treasurer, Bruce Jenkins
Riders Rep, Phil Rice
Handicapper, Doug Holland.
Committee appointments, Womens delegate, club coach, traffic/race committee to be confirmed.

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CLUB INFORMATION : New 2014 Race Program
Posted by Doug on 2014/4/16 9:15:02 (247 reads)

A new version of the NVC 2014 race program has been posted under 2014 RACE PROGRAM tab, left side of page under NEWS.

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Posted by Doug on 2014/4/12 10:40:51 (248 reads)

To view the NVC 2014 RACE PROGRAM,open the News tab under the Main Menu on the left side of the page.
Full details will be posted in the Comming Events following the club's AGM.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Additions to the 2014 Program
Posted by Doug on 2014/3/1 13:34:14 (264 reads)


Adding interest to the Nowra Velo Club?s varied 2014 race program
The Watts Factory has announced sponsorship of two race series to run within the club?s current program.

There will be The Watts Factory Individual Time Trial series which will allocate points to all grades on the results these events, which will be:

March 9th: Braidwood Road 14 km ITT (TC #4) (Hanlon marshal team)
March 23rd: Braidwood Road, 14 km ITT Club C?ship. (Volunteers)
June 15th: Braidwood Road 2 up TTT, 1 lap of mid course. (Ultimate)
July 13th: Braidwood Road 14 km ITT (TC #10) (Optus)
August 31st: Woodhill, Mountain championship (Volunteers)
Nov 9th: Braidwood Road, 14 km ITT (TLE)

The Watts Factory will also sponsor a sprint series to run on the intermediate and final sprint in each grade in Flinders Estate Team Challenge and possibly other Flinders graded events.

Points allocated will be 3,2,1 on each sprint in each grade an will be independent of the TC series.

First event to include The Watts Factory Sprint Championship Series is Team Challenge #3 at Flinders Estate Sunday 2nd March.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Proposed Club Grades 2014
Posted by Doug on 2014/1/24 10:40:00 (289 reads)

2014 Proposed Grades

Division 1 (A Grade)
Tristan Ward
Mark Fenner
Jacob Stuart
Scott Thompson
Damian Mason
Matt Wright
Aaron Coghlan
Jake Whitton
Levi Johns
Paul Mackie
Mitch Cunningham
Dylan Oaten
Jade Colligan
Godfrey Green

Division 2 (B Grade)
Scott Barrett
Dion Carter
Mark Astley
Andrew Lowe
Mark Williams
Henry Wakeford
Peter Kastelien
Nick Johns
Aaron Lauder
Phil Jones
Phil Rice
Michael Crutch
Rob Rix
Ian Kielly
Stuart Quine
Tim Devlin
Matt Smith
Gavin Nethery
Mark Emerton
Lawrence Schinella

Division 3 (C Grade)
Tarni Cunningham
Mel Kilby
Andrew Jarman
Mark Robbins
Jose Pereira
Gary Bryce
Mark Bagnall
Chris Harrison
Geoff Lockhart
Frank Neri
Paul Nancekervill
Hubert Driehuis
Kon Kinnas
Brendon Miller
Brian Corrigan
Robert Pickard
Michael Thompson
Bruce Jenkins
Dave Gray

Division 4 (D Grade)
Lawrence Byrne
Ingrid Holland
Greg Showell
Kate Darke
John Cullity
Jo Chalain
Michelle Harris
Chris Rowe
Paul Harvey
Martin Atkins
Kim Waters
Rodney Pierce
Graham Johns
Darran O'Connell
Patrick McSwiney
Theresa McLachlan
Britanee Schinella


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Posted by Doug on 2014/1/19 14:26:08 (254 reads)

Jade Colligan, Bicycle Superstore NRS Team 2014.

Optus Nowra Velo Club rider, Jade Colligan will race the National Road race series in 2014 on an elite women?s team.

Jade was signed on by the Victorian women?s Bicycle Superstore NRS team for this years series of national events run throughout Australia against the best of this country?s women.

This follows a rapid improvement through the ranks after Jade started racing with the Optus Nowra Velo Club in January 2012. Through that year Jade showed her aggression and grit on the bike and quickly learned the skills from some of the older members of the club.

At the end of 2012 Jade was voted the most improved rider in the Optus Nowra Velo Club. Into 2013 she stepped up a grade and joined up with FTP coach Damian Mason.

With Mason?s input and skill and Jade?s natural determination, she progressed rapidly throughout the year.

Jade won medals at the NSW Southern Division Road Championships, the NSW Junior Under 19 ITT, road and criterium championships and finished top six in both the Optus NVC?s Division 1 and Division 2 road championships.

With an obvious improvement throughout the year Jade was invited to the National series event, the five day Tour of the Murray River as a guest rider with the women?s Bicycle Superstore team.

An overall 3rd in the Under 23?s section n of this event along with a solid performance against the elite women saw Jade being invited to an AIS women?s training camp in Canberra. The flow on from these events has resulted in Jade?s inclusion in the NRS Bicycle Superstore team for 2014.

Jade?s first duties with the BSS team was at the National raod championships in Ballarat this month where she placed 5th in the women?s under 23 individual time trial championship. In February
Jade will attend a training camp with the team at Bright in Victoria and then the serious racing with the team on the national stage begins in April.

Jade will race on a Giant bicycle this year and be dressed by Santini.

Jade was the Optus Nowra Velo Club?s most improved rider for 2013 to follow on from the same honour the previous year. Some of this honour also belongs to her coach, Damian Mason.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Events to start the 2014 program.
Posted by Doug on 2014/1/16 10:00:00 (346 reads)


February 2: Braidwood Road, Team Challenge #1, 1 short lap graded scratch races, 1 short lap handicap. Points on each event.

February 9: Flinders Estate, Graded Scratch races. 2 short events each division, 15/20 minutes each, 10 minute break between.

February 16: Braidwood Road, Team Challenge #2, similar program to TC #1.

March 2: Flinders Estate, Team Challenge #3, Graded Scratch Races.
Intermediate sprint primes all divisions.

March 9: Braidwood Road, Team Challenge #4, ITT graded for points.

March 16: Flinders Estate, Graded Scratch Races.

March 23: Braidwood Road, Club ITT Championships.

March 30: Sth Division Championships at Breadalbane.

April 6: Braidwood Road, handicap 2 laps mid course. (Bathurst weekend and Mont)

April 13: Flinders Estate, Team Challenge #5. As on March 2nd.

April 20: Easter

April 27: Braidwood Road, Team Challenge #6, Handicap 2 laps mid course

May 3rd: Goulburn Interclub

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