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CLUB INFORMATION : Nowra Interclub Grades
Posted by Doug on 2015/7/2 10:27:25 (131 reads)

D Grade 9.00 am
30 min +2 laps
70 Bensley Wayne - GCC
7t Berry Chris - GCC
72 Brooker Kylie - GCC
73 Cady Brian - GCC
74 Emmerton lan - GCC
75 Jackson Peter- GCC
76 Shipley Vicki - tCC
77 Stuber Dirk - tCC
78 Gleeson Michael- MCC
79 Larsen Frank - MCC
80 Leechburch-Auwers Glenn
81 Reinhold Ron - MCC
82 Hubert Driehus - NVC
83 Daley Steve - NVC
84 Hulm Zac - SHCC
85 McCulloch, Grahame SHCC

C Grade 9.35 am
40 Apps Glenn - GCC
41. Emmerton Jacob - GCC
42 Hogan lsacc - GCC
43 Moller Grant - GCC
44 Erven Wally - ICC
45 Hogan Jason - ICC
46 Kelly Dean - tCC
47 Palermo Lou - ICC
48 Soto Frank - ICC
49 Thornton James - tCC
50 McAuley Jordan - MCC
51 Scott Greg - MCC
52 Talbot Josie - MCC
53 Devlin Tim - NVC
54 Gendek Steve - NVC
55 Jones Phil- NVC
56 Nancekivell paul- NVC
57 Pickard Rob - NVC
58 Rice Phil- NVC
59 Bird Daryl- SHCC
60. Burrows Andrew.
61. Jackson Andrew.
62. Webb Lee.

B Grade 10.15 am
20 Goodspeed Bruce - ECC '
21 Emmerton Callum - GCC
22 Lambert Adam - GCC
23 GrayJeff- lCC
24 Mares Clinton - ICC
25 Mewburn David - MCC
26 Playford Sam - MCC
27 Reece Ben - MCC
28 Vermeulan Andrew - MCC
29 Astley Mark - NVC
30 Coglan Aaron - NVC
31 Colligan Jade - NVC
32 Green Godfrey - NVC
33 Kielly lan - NVC
34 LauderAaron - NVC
35 Nethery Gavin - NVC
36 Bance Shaun - SHCC
37 Egan Tim - SHCC
38 Gould Allan - SHCC

A Grade 11.10 am
1 Brooker RickY - GCC
2 Cartwright AndY - GCC
3' CoveneYJarod-GCC
4 Kiss Adam - GCC
5 ToParis Con - GCC
6 Child Rod - ICC
7 Latham Jake - ICC
8 Latham Rod - ICC
9 Martin Brad - ICC
10 Meers Luke - ICC '
11 Clarke RhYs - MCC
12 Kourembes JimmY - MCC
13 Talbot Brodie - MCC
14 Cunningham Mitch - NVC
15 Bance BarrY- SHCC
16 Krebs Michael- SHCC .
t7 Orchard TobY - SHCC
18 Vollebregt Richard - SHCC
19 White WaYne - SHCC

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CLUB INFORMATION : Club Championship Grades
Posted by Doug on 2015/4/16 13:00:43 (201 reads)

A Grade;
Jake Stuart, Tristan Ward, Dylan Oaten, Mark Fenner, Michael Troy, Scott Thompson, Damian Mason, Levi Johns, Aaron Coghlan, Kevin Poulton, Mitch Cunningham, Matt Wright, Godfrey Green, Paul Mackie.
B Grade;
Michael Crutch, Gavin Nethery, Ian Kielly, Tim Devlin, Adam Ferris, Scott Barrett, Stuart Quine, Peter Kastelien, Phil Rice, Jade Colligan, Dion Carter, Scott Martin, Mark Williams, Mark Emerton, Jose Pereira, Mark Astley, Aaron Lauder, Rob Rix, Phil Jones, Andrew Lowe, Henry Wakeford, Steve Gendek, Richard Vitiello, Dave Gray, Rob Pickard.
C Grade;
Geoff Lockhart, Frank Neri, Brendon Miller, Chris Harrison, Bill Stahlhut, Paul Nancekivell, Lawrence Byrne, Lawrence Schinella, Andrew Jarman, Darren Pretious, Gary Bryce, Hubert Driehuis, Kon Kinnas, Michael Thompson, Bruce Jenkins, Steve Daly, Lynne Vaughan, Mitchell Stahlhut, Matt Clark.
D Grade;
Patrick McSwiney, John Cullity, Kate Darke, Mel Kilby, Graham Johns, Chris Rowe, Kim Waters, Rod Pierce, Ingrid Holland, Brittanee Schinella, Jo Chalain, Doug Holland.

Any appeals, requests or suggestions can be made to the club handicapper by 5 pm Saturday 18th April. No changes will be made on the day of the race.

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CLUB INFORMATION : 2015 Interclub dates and events
Posted by Doug on 2015/4/13 12:47:07 (172 reads)

The 2015 Interclub events and dates are as follows:
Saturday May 2nd,Goulburn, Handicap
Saturday June 20th, Illawarra, Handicap
Sunday July 5th, Nowra, Criteriums
Saturday July 25th, Macarthur, Graded Scratch.
Saturday September 19th, Sth Highlands, Handicap.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Champion Systems Portal
Posted by Jenko on 2015/4/3 15:50:00 (214 reads)

The Champion Systems clothing portal will be opened again and will be open from this Saturday 4/4/15 till Saturday the 18/4/15.
This is a portal open to anyone looking to purchase any of the club kit from shirts, bib shorts, vests, skin suits etc.
To access the portal go to the Champion Systems Aust home page click on the CS login on the top right of the page, you will be asked for a user name and password, at this point the user name will be nvc and the password is the same, nvc, this is for new users to the site.
From there you will create your own login details.
Existing users use your previously created log in details
The Nowra Velo Club store will open, click on order now and the proofs available will be displayed, click on the proof to view it, click on the order tab under the proof to get the finer details and the pricing.
The club also has stock at hand so if your looking for shirts, kniks or vests these items are readily available.
If you have any questions or problems contact Jenko

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CLUB INFORMATION : NVC Annual General Meeting
Posted by Doug on 2015/3/27 10:44:24 (144 reads)

The Club President has announced the Nowra Velo Club's 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 14th at the RFS building on Albatross Road, starting at 7.30 pm.

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CLUB INFORMATION : NVC Southern Division Entries.
Posted by Doug on 2015/3/23 14:25:48 (192 reads)

The NVC entry list for Sundays Sth Divisional Championships.
Michael Troy, Elite Men A
Scott Thompson, Elite Men A
Aaron Coghlan, Elite Men A
Kevin Poulton, Elite Men A
Levi Johns, Elite Men B
Jade Colligan, Elite Women
Damian Mason. MMasters B
Michael Crutch, MMasters B
Godfrey Green, MMasters B
Matt Wright, MMasters B
Gavin Nethery, MMasters C
Phil Rice, MMasters C
Ian Kielly, MMasters C
Stuart Quine, MMasters C
Aaron Lauder, MMasters C
Jose Pereira, MMasters C
Geoff Lockhart, MMasters D
Dave Gray, MMasters D
Brendon Miller, MMasters D
Henry Wakeford, MMasters D
Gary Bryce, MMasters D
Steve Daley, MMasters D
Kate Darke, WMastersB
Libby Randall, Under 17 Girls
Georgia Mason, Under 17 Girls
Alice Lauder, Under 15 Girls.
Michael Thompson, Commissiare
Doug Holland, Commissiare
Lawrence Byrne, Traffic Control
Paul Nancekivell, Traffic Control
Hubert Driehuis,
Lawrence Schinella
Any question, contact Doug.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Southern Division Championships on Sunday
Posted by Doug on 2015/3/23 13:57:48 (143 reads)

Attention Members who have entered the Sth Divs to be held at Breadalbane next Sunday, all riders have been requested to pick up their numbers and sign on by 9 am.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Travel to the Southern Division Championships.
Posted by Doug on 2015/3/12 9:15:22 (136 reads)

NVC members are advised that Lawrence Schinella is travelling to the Sth Division championships on March 29th to be one of the NVC's officials and advises that he has room to take two members and two bikes should anybody require a lift.
Contact Lawrence direct on 0405 326903.

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CLUB INFORMATION : Southern Division Road Cahmpionships
Posted by Doug on 2015/2/12 10:03:09 (200 reads)

The 2015 Southern Division Road Championships will be held at Breadalbane on Sunday, March 29th.
Nowra Velo entries close with the club on Sunday 8th March, entry fees are: Under 13,15,$15. Under 17 $20, Under 19, Under 23, Elite and masters $25.

We are required to supply 3 commissiares plus between 4 and 6 other persons as traffic control, place judges, lead and follow vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE, the club will not send any riders entries until the required number of commissiares etc from the club has been met.

Riders who intend entering these championships are urged to chase up these required officials asap.

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Posted by Jenko on 2014/12/22 7:40:00 (358 reads)


February 1st,
Braidwood Road, 2 stage points event. 1 short lap scratch race, 1 short lap handicap.
Marshal Team Optus

February 8th,
Albatross Aviation Tech Park circuit, criterium racing all grades.
Marshal Team FTP / The Watts Factory

February 15th,
Braidwood Road, 2015 Team Challenge #1, 2 stage points event. 1 short lap scratch race, 2 short laps handicap.
Marshal Team Hanlon Windows

March 1st,
Flinders Industrial Complex, Graded scratch events, 2 short events each grade, 10 minutes interval between events.
Marshal Team Bomaderry Vet Hospital / Coffeelisious

March 8th,
Braidwood Road, 2015 Team Challenge #2, 2 stage points event.
Same as previous TC.
Marshal Team BAI Med Physio

March 15th,
Albatross Aviation Tech Park circuit, criterium racing all grades.
Marshal Team Optus

March 22nd,
Braidwood Road, Handicap mid course (53 kilometres)
Marshal Team FTP / The Watts Factory

March 29th,
Southern Division Championships, Breadalbane.

April 12th,
Flinders Industrial Complex, Team Challenge #3, Graded scratch races.
Marshal Team Bomaderry Vet hospital / Coffeeliscious

April 19th,
Braidwood Road, Club Road Championships B and D grades.
Marshals Volunteers from A & C Grades

April 26th,
Albatross Aviation Tech Park circuit, criterium racing all grades.
Marshal Team Hanlon Windows

May 3rd,
Braidwood Road, Club Road Championships A and C grades.
Marshals Volunteers From B & D Grades
(Depending on Goulburn interclub date)

The Marshal teams allocated to the Tech Park Criterium days will be able to race on the day. The team is allocated to those days to ensure that the trailer is taken out so we have the gear needed to run the event.
The teams lists and marshal dates have been updated in the marshal list found under the marshal list tab on the left of the home page.

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