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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : Cootamundra Haycarters Weekend
Posted by tarmac_mick on 2015/4/17 19:00:00 (112 reads)

Country Handicap Racing

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Posted by MichaelT on 2015/3/30 20:02:51 (161 reads)

Great results yesterday at Southern Divisions,Nowra Velo third overall. On behalf of the committee I would like to thank everyone who raced and officiated,making it a successful day for our club.


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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : Cycling NSW Head Injury and Medical Suspension Policy
Posted by Doug on 2015/3/27 15:40:00 (131 reads)

Cycling NSW takes rider safety and well-being seriously and has developed a policy for riders who may have potentially received a head or other injury which from which on-going participation in cycling may result in a further catastrophic injury of the rider and/or other riders. The sport of cycling has inherent risk and falls from bikes during race and training can and do occur.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Helmet Policy which describes the preventative requirements of helmet use in competition and training.

The first and immediate action is the safety and well-being of the injured rider, other competitors and officials. Only after the site has been secured and immediate attention to the injured rider taken place, provided should any further consideration of this policy be undertaken.

This policy is a guideline for commissiares and officials and in no way should replace the advice of a registered medical practitioner. Any rider who feels they may have been subject to a head or neck injury or any other medical occurrence should seek expert advice. Any continuation of racing or training is always undertaken at the riders own risk

Head/Neck Injuries
Where a rider falls during competition (regardless of the category of racing), the Chief Commissaire will be responsible for considering if the rider has been subject to any knock of the head or suffered any adverse positioning of the neck. The Chief Commissaire will use the advice of the first aid attendant on duty at the event to make a determination.

Where the rider has any visual injury such as a cut, contusion, bruising or demonstrates the symptoms of concussion including head ache, blurred vision or has been knocked out for any period of time, the Chief Commissaire will deem the rider has received a head injury.

Where the helmet of the rider has been damaged such that the inner casing is damaged in any way (eg cracking, compression, breakage etc) the Chief Commissaire will deem the rider has received a head injury.

Where the rider reports any tingling or numbness of the feet/legs or arms/hands, neck soreness or was seen to land in an awkward positon with respect to their head/neck, it will be considered a neck injury may have occurred and the rider will be issued a medical suspension.

Other Injuries/Medical Issues
There are a variety of other medical conditions or injuries which may result in a significantly increased risk of a catastrophic medical occurrence should riding continue on the day of the incident or subsequently. These may include but are not limited to; an epileptic episode, heart attack, heart arrhythmia or other.

Such occurrences may be reported to the Chief Commissaire either during or after the event and may also be reported to them by the first aid officer in attendance. Should the Chief Commissaire be of the view that the rider may have been subject to a serious medical occurrence they will issue a medical suspension notice

Injury Suspension Notice

The Chief Commissaire will issue the rider a suspension notice which identifies the rider cannot return to training or competition riding until they have received a medical clearance and that clearance is received at the CNSW office. In some instances the medical clearance may stipulate a return to certain training activities under certain conditions. If such a clearance is provided, a subsequent clearance for all cycling activities will be provided prior to the rider being deemed allowed to participate in race events

If in any doubt as to the occurrence or severity of a head injury, the Chief Commissaire will issue an injury suspension notice.

Where the fall/injury occurs at a training session and a Chief Commissiare is not present, the onus of reporting falls on the senior coach or official present at the time of the fall/injury.

Where the rider has been incapacitated such that they are unable to be issued an injury suspension notice, the Chief Commissaire or official/coach will advise the CNSW office as soon as is practicable and the office will make arrangements for notification of the rider of the suspension and requirements thereafter.

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Posted by Jenko on 2015/3/22 16:20:21 (53 reads)

The marshal list has now been updated for the full years racing.
The list can be viewed by clicking on the news tab on the left of the home page then cliking on the marshal list tab on the drop down menu

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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : Juniors Training is on this weekend
Posted by Mel on 2015/3/20 19:42:27 (77 reads)

Junior training is on this Saturday 21st March at the Aviation Tech Park from 5pm.

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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : State Teams Time Trial
Posted by Mel on 2015/2/24 8:41:43 (155 reads)

While the clothing portal is open for ordering of club kit I thought I would throw the NSW State TTT into the mix. Those interested in competing in the event held here locally on our very own course by Elite Energy, it would be a good idea to start looking into getting teams together and ensuring members will be in suitable kit for the event. ie, if you are planning to be a competitive team then look at ensuring you have skinsuits.

For any females out there, last year we had a very successful first ever attempt at this event and all participants came away extremely satisfied and happy that they had given it a go. It is a great way to get to know your fellow female club members better by competing as a team and we were very well supported by the club committee and also the club coach. We rode last year on standard road bikes with basically no aero gear to only be 2:30mins behind the winning team on full aero gear.
If you are interested in having a go at the Teams Time Trial that let me know asap and we can start organising it early and look at taking the bar higher this time.


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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : Champion Systems Clothing Portal
Posted by Jenko on 2015/2/16 18:20:00 (596 reads)

The Champion Systems clothing portal is now up and running and is open for the next three weeks.
This is a portal open to anyone looking to purchase any of the club kit from shirts, bib shorts, vests, skin suits etc.
To access the portal go to the Champion Systems Aust home page click on the CS login on the top right of the page, you will be asked for a user name and password, for everyone at this point the user name will be nvc and the password is the same, nvc
From there you will create your own login details.
The Nowra Velo Club store will open, click on order now and the proofs available will be displayed, click on the proof to view it, click on the order tab under the proof to get the finer details and the pricing.
I have some sample garments of the shirts and Kniks for sizing here but only for a few weeks.
The club also has stock at hand so if your looking for shirts, kniks or vests these items are readily available.
If you have any questions or problems contact Jenko

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Posted by tarmac_mick on 2015/2/10 12:09:00 (135 reads)

Hi All,
Looking for EOI to organise a bunch ride out to races, starting this Sunday 15/2.
Rather then riding out in ones and twos, lets get some comradery and pedal as a collective and chew the fat while on the way.

Was thinking leaving Ultimate Cycles at 0700 for a nice easy ride out, keeping the legs fresh for the racing to come.
That should get us out there with plenty of time to sign on and get ready for the racing to come.



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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : Info from Alexis
Posted by Jenko on 2015/1/31 14:27:57 (125 reads)

Hi guys,

Just thought there may be some people in the club who would be interested in this. It's a good price and we really enjoyed doing this ride with these guys. Good hotels, friendly guys and a fabulous cycling route.

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the warmth. It's been snowing here and Im looking forward to feeling my feet again in summer!



19-25 JUNE 2015*, 6 NIGHTS ?900
720km, 18 cols, around 12,000 metres of climbing, 100 hours
Every serious cyclist has heard of the Raid Pyrenean - a 100-hour ride from coast to coast across the French Pyrenees, taking in many of the challenging climbs that have featured in the Tour de France time and again over the last century. This really is a challenging event and anyone completing it in the 100-hour time-limit gets a well-earned medal and a certificate.

We start in beautiful Basque country, with rolling green hills and red-timbered houses and gradually climb through elegant, historic spa towns, before descending again through fields of peaches and sunflowers to arrive at the Mediterranean coast with its endless vineyards. There are some challenging mountain climbs in between, including the Aubisque, the Tourmalet, the Aspin, the Peyresourde, and the Pailh?res - not forgetting the nasty little Portet d'Aspet. You'll stay in comfortable family-run hotels full of character and charm, with all mod cons such as wifi and ensuite bathrooms, and enjoy plenty of good, local food. You literally have nothing to worry about for the whole trip except riding your bike.

We're taking bookings now and there are limited places available, so if you're interested in taking part, please contact us. 20% deposit secures your place, with the balance payable in early April.


* Other dates available, see our website for more details.


We take great pride in the level of support we offer our clients. From the minute the group leaves the hotel in the morning, our support vehicles and staff will be with you every step of the way. We're always on hand with bottled water and energy powder, cereal bars and bananas, and you'll have access to your luggage at all times. You'll never need to carry loads of kit - if it starts to rain, we'll be with you in minutes to make sure you have a waterproof jacket. If it's hot, we have high-factor sunscreen in the van for your use. We'll be at the foot of every climb to take any unwanted layers, and again at the top so you can grab a warm jacket for the descent. And if it's a long climb, we'll see you several times on the way up too. We never set out to be the biggest - just the best - and our clients tell us that we consistently achieve that aim!

Airport transfers - picking up from Toulouse, Carcassonne or Biarritz and dropping off to Perpignan, Carcassonne or Toulouse
Raid Pyrenean entry, including a medal and certificate if you are successful in completing the challenge in less than 100 hours - and we'll do everything we can to make sure you do!
6 nights accommodation with two people sharing an ensuite room. Single supplement ?199
6 continental or buffet-style breakfasts, supplemented with muesli (that's every day)
6 substantial 3-course evening meals including house wine or a beer or soft drink (that's every night)
Cereal bars, cakes and fruit such as bananas to keep you going throughout the day
Unlimited bottled water and high-quality energy powder
Paper maps for you to stick in your pocket, although we'll be at every junction to make sure you don't get lost.
GPS files for you to upload to your device.
Souvenir Owayo full-zip Raid Pyrenean jersey
Tuck shop - cans of carbonated drinks and high quality energy bars and gels for you to buy at reasonable prices
One member of staff and support vehicle for every five riders
As many photos as we can take of you as you ride, so that when you get home, you have a full photographic record of your achievement

Copyright ? 2015 Bike Alive, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you subscribed to our newsletter.

Our mailing address is:

Bike Alive
Lieu-dit Raphel
Col de Caougnous
Boussenac 09320

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BREAKING CLUB NEWS : Nowra Velo Juniors 2015
Posted by Mel on 2015/1/29 20:23:05 (106 reads)

Nowra Junior training will resume this Saturday 31 Jan 5pm at the Aviation Tech Park. Sessions will also resume midweek on Wed 4th Feb at the Tech park 6pm. For more information contact either Damian or Mel; d.mason@ftptraining.com or m.kilby@ftptraining.com

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